Dr. Jon Connelly Opens a New Office in Boca Raton to Help Trauma Victims in Florida Relieve Their Suffering

Dr. Jon Connelly Opens a New Office in Boca Raton to Help Trauma Victims in Florida Relieve Their Suffering

Dr. Jon Connelly, creator of Rapid Resolution Therapy, is now offering trauma treatment to residents in Palm Beach County and Broward County. His unique approach claims to help reverse the impacts of trauma in just a single day.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Jon Connelly, creator of Rapid Resolution Therapy, has been transforming lives affected by PTSD, sexual abuse, physical abuse and all kinds of other traumas. Sometimes all it takes is a one-day session for someone to get over a major trauma.

Therapist Training in Boca Raton

Therapist Training in Boca Raton

Rapid Resolution Therapy Training Now Offered to Help Mental Health Professionals Treat Trauma Related Illnesses

Jon Connelly of Rapid Resolution Therapy in Boca Raton, Florida has designed a treatment plan to help patients struggling with the effects of trauma.  His method is based in the science of the brain works and how trauma changes that.  Using his experience and expertise, Jon Connelly now aids other mental health professionals in learning to how to help alleviate symptoms for trauma victims.

The Primitive Mind

Have you ever wondered why seemingly smart or balanced people do crazy things or have out of control responses?

You may be surprised to learn that the primitive mind or the limbic brain plays a huge role in the decisions we make based on survival, emotions and memory that is stored. Sensations, emotions, and thoughts are responses to the data that is coming into the mind. This creates behavior or action. Our senses bring in data from inside or from outside of our bodies. The human mind can remember what has been imagined in the way of what we call stored data or memory.

Treating Sexual Trauma & Violence

Sexual violence can happen anytime to anyone whether it is a man, woman or child and the emotional and physical effects can be traumatic.

Every 2 minutes another American is sexually assaulted. Each year, there are about 237, 868 victims of sexual assault and it is estimated that 15-25% of women will experience some type of sexual abuse in their lifetime (www.rainn.org)  While it affects more women than men, both sexes are known to have had sexual abuse attempts or an actual violation against their will that forces them into some type of sexual interaction.   Researchers at the University of Massachusetts-Boston suggest that one in six men is sexually abused before the age of 16 (France, 2008).

Understanding & Treating Anxiety

Anxiety can be defined as what occurs when an individual is in an unpleasant state of inner turmoil often accompanied by nervous behavior.

Symptoms of anxiety may include racing thoughts or physical sensations that might include increased heart rate, increased perspiration, or shortness of breath. Anxiety is not the same as fear which is an appropriate response when a person is perceiving his own body and mind’s response to a threat as a threat. Conflict comes when the perceived threat is not real or when a person is unable to take an action that the body has become stronger for.