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Rapid Resolution Therapy Training Now Offered to Help Mental Health Professionals Treat Trauma Related Illnesses

Jon Connelly of Rapid Resolution Therapy in Boca Raton, Florida has designed a treatment plan to help patients struggling with the effects of trauma.  His method is based in the science of the brain works and how trauma changes that.  Using his experience and expertise, Jon Connelly now aids other mental health professionals in learning to how to help alleviate symptoms for trauma victims.

Jon Connelly utilizes the science behind trauma and neuroplasticity to help patients retrain their brains.

For decades, Jon Connelly has worked with people who have mental health issues stemming from trauma.  After learning that traumatic experiences significantly impacted behavior and personality, he dedicated his life to finding a faster and more wholesome approach to helping his patients overcome their trauma.  Unlike traditional methods, Rapid Resolution Therapy doesn’t require the patient to relive the traumatic events and doesn’t require a trial and error medication process that could take years.

Instead, patients feel relief after just one session.  Even better is that the relief from their trauma is not temporary.  Rapid Resolution Therapy actually works to retrain the mind and how it responds.  For patients who have experienced trauma, the way their brain and nervous system automatically responds is maladaptive and often disordered.  Currently, many treatment models used with trauma victims work toward processing the trauma but do little in the way of rewiring the brain.

Recent research in neuroplasticity suggests that reliving the trauma, like with traditionally used trauma treatments,isn’t as effective as retraining the brain to respond differently.  When Jon Connelly created Rapid Resolution Therapy, he knew that the quickest way to recover from trauma would be to speak directly to the part of the brain that holds onto those traumatic experiences.  His methods help patients understand their feelings and process the emotions surrounding the trauma.  The unique approach used in Rapid Resolution Therapy actually helps the brain create and use new neural pathways.

Learn Rapid Resolution Therapy from Jon Connelly in an upcoming trauma training.

After using this technique to help patients struggling with a variety of symptoms, Jon Connelly chose to share what he had learned with other trauma therapists.  their clients also saw miraculous results, Jon knew that he had created a treatment that could revolutionize the way trauma patients are treated.  Using only a conversation designed to speak to the subconscious mind, Connelly has helped many trauma survivors feel less fearful.

Jon Connelly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy.  He has spent his career working with trauma victims.  His innovative approach, Rapid Resolution Therapy, is now available for use by other trauma informed therapists.  Trainings and workshops teaching others how to implement and use Rapid Resolution Therapy techniques have become part of Connelly’s contribution to the treatment of mental illness.  These trainings are available all over the country and throughout the year.  Trauma therapists should visit his website to learn more about Rapid Resolution Therapy or to register for a trauma training with Jon Connelly.